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                 WCC OFFICERS

ROY N5SWE President, Maybe, CA

Eric W7EVB Vice-President

MIKE K7AMS Secretary/Treasurer, Port Townsend, WA

 Health & Welfare Manager Roy N5SWE

BRIAN AG6GX Webmaster, San Jose, CA


July 30, 2015 by N5SWE,  NB6TE & AG6GX

a. President has ultimate responsibility for overall WCC
operations, interpretation of the By Laws and Constitution,
and decides issues not covered by the By Laws.
b. He/She may, with approval of BOTH the Sec/Treas and
VP, make other appointments to help run WCC operations.
c. He/She is responsible for proper yearly nomination and
elections of officers.
d. President, or his designate, shall determine date and
location of annual Picnic/installation of officers.
e. All Officers report to the President.

a. Vice President shall assist the President in
implementation of his duties.
b. He/She will, in the absence of a designated Net
Manager, assume the Net Manager duties, including
scheduling and calendar rotation.
c. VP shall assume duties of the President if President is

a. Sec/Treas shall collect, account for and safeguard all
WCC money and pay bills in a timely manner.
b. He/She shall send welcoming packet to new members
and assign new membership numbers.
c. He/She shall assume duties of the Vice President if

1. Web Master Cousin Brian AG6GX
2. Health & Welfare Manager Cousin Roy N5SWE
3. W6CCN Trustee Cousin Roy N5SWE
4. Net Manager Cousin Bill N7IBG


Click any of the links below to download or view the WCC
Member Roster or our QRZ page

Click here for an EXCEL copy of the Member Roster                              

Click here for a PDF copy of the Member Roster                                 

Click https://www.qrz.com/db/W6CCN to go to our QRZ page ...

Striking for Membership

"Strikers" are Visitors who wish to become members of the
Western Country Cousins.

Striking for membership in the Western Country Cousins
requires four check-ins over five weeks on the SAME night
of the week (4 Tuesdays, 4 Fridays, etc.). You may check
in on as many nights of the week as you desire. Strikers
are asked to keep a log of their check-ins including the
date, the call sign and name of the Net Control who
checked you in.

When you have completed your four check-ins (strikes) in
a five week period we ask that you send us a short letter
about yourself with a $10.00 donation. Along with your
letter please include a list of your check-ins including
the date, time and the net control's name and callsign.
You may also want to include a picture of yourself and/or
your shack, and/or a QSL card. The $10.00 donation helps
to cover our cost of postage, membership certificates,
cards and decals. It also entitles you to a Lifetime
Membership in the Western Country Cousins.

Please mail the above to our Secretary Treasurer:

Michael Brady, K7AMS
896 57th Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368

When your letter and other documents have been received
by our Secretary he will read your letter on the air. Mike,
K7AMS is our Friday night net control so Friday nights
would be a good time to check in so he can read your

Once your letter has been read on the air your
membership certificate, membership card and Western
Country Cousins decal will be mailed to you.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the
Western Country Cousins.