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Being a Net Control is easy and fun! All of the Officers and
Net Controls will be there to assist you in getting started.
The Net Control Procedure is simple and is listed below.

To volunteer to become a Net Control contact VP
Eric W7EVB via email or our
Secretary/Treasurer Cousin Mike - K7AMS via email at
olybrady@gmail.com, or contact the webmaster by clicking
here or any WCC officer on the Net.

Click on any of the links below to download the Net
Control Calendar, a Membership Roster or the Net Control

You may locate any member in the Member Roster by
Member Number or Callsign by using the Find command in
your browser or editor.

Click here for the April Net Control Calendar in PDF format      

Click here for the March Net Control Calendar in PDF format                  

Click here for an EXCEL copy of the Member Roster                                

Click here for a PDF copy of the Member Roster                              

Click https://www.qrz.com/db/W6CCN to go to our QRZ page ...

Click here to download the Net Control Procedures

The Net Control Procedures are also displayed below ...

WCC Net Control Procedures


“QST, QST, QST. This is Cousin (name, call, city, State),
net control for W6CCN and the Western Country Cousins
Net. This net meets nightly at 9:00 PM on or near 3970

“Our motto is: Service and help to mankind, when in need,
call a Country Cousin”.

“This is a directed net. If you wish to call a specific station,
say “Contact” and when recognized by net control,
please be courteous to members waiting to check in and
complete your contact by moving at least 5 kHz from the
net frequency”.

“Visitors are always welcome. Visitors desiring to become
members of the Western Country Cousin’s may do so by
checking in 4 OUT OF 5 WEEKS on the SAME NIGHT of the
week. This is called "striking" for membership. Check the
webpage on our web site at www.wccnet.us for more

Call for any mobile stations.

Call for relays for mobile stations.

List our net Officers:

President Cousin Roy N5SWE

Vice President Cousin Eric W7EVB

Secretary Treasurer Cousin Mike K7AMS

Health and Welfare Cousin Roy N5SWE

Webmaster Cousin Brian AG6GX

Call for the Health and Welfare Manager's report.

Call for any Members with Health and Welfare.

Call for the Secretary Treasurer’s Report.
Call for anyone with Net Business.

Make 1 call for NET CONTROLS only.

Make 2 calls for MEMBERS only.

Make 1 call for VISITORS and STRIKERS.

At this time open the net to MEMBERS, VISITORS AND

Prior to closing the net, read the closing statement:

“The Western Country Cousin net meets nightly on or near
3970 kHz at 9:00 PM Pacific time. Our motto is service and
help to mankind, when in need call a Country Cousin".

Remind members that Health and Welfare is listed on our
web site at www.wccnet.us

Call for any late or missed MEMBERS, VISITORS OR

Close the net: “I will now close this net at (time) and
return this frequency to regular amateur use. W6CCN and
this station (your call) are now clear”.


When clearing with each station wait for the count of three
to allow any breaking stations to be heard.

Mobile stations always have priority and go to top of list.

Keep the net open for at least one hour.

Net controls may move the frequency to accommodate a
smooth and efficient net.